SPI Projects

Seek Partners International is currently involved in:

Energized by the heart of our ministry – its people and partnerships, SEEK PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL, INC mission is to:

  1. Sponsor and operate accredited undergraduate and graduate institutes of higher Christian education,
  2. Regarding the Bible:
  • Translate the Bible into the languages of the Indian subcontinent from the original languages,
  • Distribute it into educational and ministry contexts, and
  • Stimulate its critical acceptance.
  1. Plant formal churches in the least reached areas of the Indian subcontinent – starting with northwes India – each led by formally trained pastors and teachers.

Currently, SPI is developing the following initiatives with respect to each of the above aspects to its mission:

  1. Theological Education
  • Training national leaders with higher theological education in South Asia, both in formal (accredited theological institutions) and informal (eg conferences) way.
  • Establishing faculty development programs for South Asian theological institutions, including both SPI’s own institution – NIITS – but also other such institutions of the region).
  • Developing apprenticeship programs for fresh seminary and Bible college graduates to acquire the meaningful ministry experience of their choice and need.
  • Supporting ministries involved with theological education and ministry training
  • Writing tracts, booklets, article, and books
  1. Bible Translation and Distribution
  • Translating Bibles into Hindi and Punjabi languages to produce fresh translations from original languages a
  • Producing scholarly study notes to be included at the margins of Study Bibles
  • Cooperating with local and national governmental linguistic bodies to create words needed in the local language to express a thought from Christianity not otherwise expressible.
  • Working with publishers to develop aggressive yet realistic and honest distribution goals that will put Bibles in the hands of those who will most appreciate and respect them.
  • Training a future generation of Bible translators.
  1. Church Planting
  • Planting churches in NW states of India in smaller towns of 20,000+ people
  • Conducting various outreach project directly and in partnership with other organizations to assist local churches to share God’s offer of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Inculcating within SPI-sponsored and other local churches the sense of responsibility and accountability for compassionately caring for the less fortunate in their localities.
  • Encouraging the assumption of financial responsibilities for the funding of its own operation by the congregation of each local church planted.
  • Assisting in the training of lay leaders in each of the local churches planted by SPI and others within South Asia.