SEEK PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. is a Christian partnership development and implementation ministry that Supports Christian initiatives, Enlightens the unreached, and Equips church leaders so that the least Christian regions of the world embrace the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.   At the heart of SPI’s ministry are its people and relationships with other like-minded ministries and people, all of which are directed toward accomplishing SPI’s mission of training Christian leaders through formal and non-formal theological training to strengthen the church in north India.

The ministry vision and objectives of SEEK PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. are accomplished in the following three ways:

    1. By the direct ministry of Rev. Dr. Sukhwant Singh Bhatia as teacher, preacher, and trainer. Dr. Bhatia’s responsibilities as the President & CEO also include teaching at Higher Christian Education Institutions in the least Christian region of the world, providing consultation to various ministry projects, training Bible translators and heading Bible translation projects in Hindi and Punjabi, developing team leaders, and assisting global organizations in fulfilling their ministry of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    2. SEEK PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. recruits qualified individuals (preferably Naturalized US citizens or Permanent Residents) to serve as professors, ministry associates, and consultants to carry out overseas ministry programs and events, preferably in the countries of their origin. The sphere of their service must be within the expressed objectives of SEEK PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. and they be accountable to the Board of Seek Partners International and seconded to a local national organization for ministry.  SPI-India does the same within India with Indian nationals.

    3. SEEK PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. forms multilateral alliances with overseas organizations to carry out its objectives through programs and events. A multilateral alliance is an association of independent ministries that correlate separate actions toward a common purpose, toward a single, overall objective of specialized ministries such as Scripture translation, evangelism, discipleship, and training. Multilateral alliances involve several organizations, including specialized ministries and churches, and may work in a broad geographical region and/or a specific community.